Product Vision Canvas


This product vision workshop enables teams to apply a product mindset and ensure your product brings value to your users and to your business. Use this workshop to break down new features, align on new product ideas, set a quarterly vision for an existing product, or conduct a 3-year envisioning exercise.

Your workshop will progress through 9 prompts:

  1. Problem Statement

  2. Target Audience

  3. Needs

  4. Features

  5. UVP

  6. Goals & Metrics

  7. Voice of the Customer

  8. Experience Principles

  9. Product Vision Statement

At the end of the workshop, you're sure to have a solid product vision and full-team alignment. This product vision workshop is a ‘must have' for any PM’s toolkit.

*Note: This canvas and accompanying workshop were inspired by several existing frameworks, including the business model canvas, lean UX canvas, product canvas, and more. Links to alternate templates are included in 'Facilitator Extras'.


Merissa Silk is passionate about using customer-centric methods to launch new products. Merissa is currently based in Berlin and enjoys supporting women in tech with career development and coaching.
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