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🚀 Problem Solving for Teams

Welcome to the Problem-Solving Process for Teams 🙌

Why use it?

Do not know how to start your new project and execute remotely with your team? Have you struggled with a lack of alignment, endless discussions, and projects? We have struggled too, after years of working with diverse teams and locations, with different methodologies like Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Lean UX, we have merged what has worked for us with a higher rate of success. We hope it works for you too 😉.

How to use it?

  • A 5-step process to align your team’s efforts, decide, ideate, plan, execute, and learn.

  • Each step has notes and a checklist for the facilitator to not miss anything.

  • You can break these steps into a full-three day process or 5 different sessions during a week or two.

What have we used it for?

  • How to increase the conversion of a digital product?

  • How to fix a product or feature?

  • How future trends will impact my business?


Pixel Research Lab
An Evidence-Based & User-Centric Research Lab
We are experienced problem-solvers helping companies fast-track their route to innovation. We offer fast and cost-effective research iterations in order to gather data from real users and make insights actionable to make informed decisions.

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