Poster Session


The Poster session template can help you to organize a poster presentation for your students or colleagues!

There is an online version of a room for the classic offline poster session. Each presenter receives the individual numbered poster board and can place their content there.

Each poster board contains a particular field for .pdf (or .png, or .jpeg) poster, prerecorded video presentation, and Q&A session. The Poster Session template contains 25 individual presentation boards, but you can increase the number of individual boards as you wish and invite all your students to your team at the same time.

  • Students can view all posters simultaneously

  • Students can upload their video presentations to the board from Youtube.

  • Students can leave questions on the posters in a particular place on the poster board

  • Students can answer questions directly on the poster board

The Poster session template works across multiple touchpoints:

  • Simultaneous presentation of many projects with peer-review assessment

  • Presentation of individual or group projects

  • Discussing of projects results

  • Organization of students’ scientific conferences

Invite presenters to the board, use the chat for conversation, navigation, and comments, watch the log of activities and enjoy!


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