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Polarity Template opens the space for an honest conversation, so teams can see biases and remove individual blockages. Team members can begin to actively listen and see things with the right eyes.

Polarity Template is a powerful tool to:

  • See things into perspective with the help of others in the team, sharing their personal viewpoints

  • Turn challenges into opportunities by questioning the obvious (e.g. excuses, strong disagreements, emotional charge)

  • Locate the biases that limit the clarity to the problem and the goal

Polarity Template captures the richness in understanding around a concept (problem statement):

  • Knowledge and facts

  • Nuance of experiences

  • Disagreements

  • Tensions

  • Contradictions

  • Inconsistencies

  • Ambiguities

Polarity Template has three elements:

  • Definition (what the concept is)

  • Opposition (what the concept is not)

  • Tacit Knowledge (ideas around the concept that are a grey area)

The process how to use the template:

  1. State the working concept to be explored (a concept is a short-cut and a medium into accessing the problem that the team is confronting to resolve. The team needs to have a preliminary discussion on the nature of the problem and agree on the entry point.)

  2. Deconstruct the concept using the two opposite poles - concept definition and concept opposition

  3. Capture any input that doesn't belong to either poles in the tacit knowledge space



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