Platform Thinking Business Model Canvas


Services like Uber, AirBnb, Spotify, and many other digital platforms changed our daily life...but also the typical shapes of companies that make traditional canvases not fit perfectly.

"Platform Thinking Business Model Canvas" is the tool that supports you in the design and representation of platforms and the design of the overarching business model.

"Platform Thinking Business Model Canvas" builds on our own framework to represent and classify platforms - which is explained in the template - and on a revised version of the famous Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas, fitting the needs of platform design.

The tool builds on a decade of research and several platform-related projects. Want to know more? Visit and follow our courses on Coursera or reach us to us on LinkedIn.

Daniel Trabucchi and Tommaso Buganza

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Daniel Trabucchi
Senior Assistant Professor@Politecnico di Milano
Daniel Trabucchi is Senior Assistant Professor at the School of Management, Politecnico di Milano. He also serves as a senior researcher in the LEADIN’Lab, the Laboratory for LEAdership, Design, and INnovation. His research interests are focused on innovation management, especially digital two-sided platforms and digital services. He co-founded Symplatform in 2018, the international conference on digital platforms that aims to match scholars and practitioners in the field.
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