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Planning CAFE was created to help whoever decided to adopt CAFE philosophy on its own life. If it is the first time you hear that code, all you need to know it is like to drink a tasteful cup of coffee every day remembering taking more that a drink you are absorbing the combination of four elements: knowledge, attitude, faith and experiments. Practicing these elements will allow to enjoy each day of your life with simplicity and freedom constantly improving your growth mindset. In order manage how good your are progressing better to plan and organise our goals either personally or professionally to continue a thriving and lifelong learning journey.

What you could do:

Imagine one specific area of your life or your life itself with many different areas such as family, career, wellbeing, relationship among others, and all you need would be to organise it accordingly your current goals and needs to perform it fully. So this canvas was designed to allow you to easily plan anything regardless the area you need to prioritise.

Who is to for:

  • This is canvas might help and benefits those who:

  • Do not have much time to create a detailed and complex strategy plan;

  • Have a lot of ideas but did not find a easy way to make them happen;

  • Need to organise their study plans;

  • Want to make the next move on their life;

  • Need a shortcut to lead professional projects;

  • Want to practice team building;

  • Like to take their planning everywhere or prefer to print and have the whiteboard on the wall.

As you can see you can use it to plan anything!

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Alex Todeschini
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Leader to promote integrity and stability of different systems during software development cycles using agility to deliver value to customers and business partners. My passion is to get things done and done right, interacting and valuing people's difference to foster their growth and freedom to express themselves. As an evangelist of simplification, I am continuously looking for new ways to do more with less advocating options that avoid wasting.
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