Personal Improvement


With over 20 years of Lean Process Improvement experience and I took the concepts and tools used and applied them to personal improvement. This is perfect for life coaches to help your clients realize their current state, envision their future state, find the root causes to their issues and leave with an actionable plan to enhance their lives.

Current State Evaluation

Based on the wheel of life, your clients will rate each category. Categories include:

  • Physical health

  • Mental health

  • Career

  • Family

  • Social Life

  • FInances

Personal SIPOC

What inputs are impacting your life?

Future State

What does your client's ideal future state look like?

Root Cause Analysis

Identify and discuss the root cause issues.

Actionable Plan

After identifying the root cause issues the client can map out steps to take to reach their goals and increase the balance in their life.


Julie Foster image
Julie Foster
Owner@J Foster Consulting
20 years ago I began my Lean journey and 15 years ago I added Agile to my toolkit. I have led over 100 highly successful initiatives that saved companies millions. I also apply these principles to daily life and built a successful life coaching business to help others reach their personal and professional goals.
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