People Centric Meeting Planner


How to design a successful people centric meeting.

The "People centric planner" template will help you to design successful, intentional, productive, and effective meetings where both partners leave the meeting with both a good feeling and a win-win outcome.

When to use it

Whenever you need to plan an important meeting and want to increase the odds of success.

How to use it

Step 1: Define why the meeting is important to you.

Step 2: Define why the meeting is important to your counterpart.

Step 3: Define how you can actively and proactively can help your counterpart with.

Step 4: Define how your counterpart can actively and proactively can help you with.

Step 5: Define what is your desired outcome of the meeting.

Step 6: Define what is your counterpart desired outcome of the meeting.

Step 7: Define the actual meeting invitation:

- Topic.

- Purpose of the meeting.

- Expected outcomes.

- Agenda.

- Participants and roles.

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