Workshop: How to conduct User Interviews



User interviews are a crucial part when developing a product. You will gain insights about your product that help you prioritize the tasks the need to be done.

Our workshop template will help you understand what user interviews are and what you have to consider in order to conduct them effectively. You will learn to prepare them with your product in mind and we give you a interview guide you can stick to.

Copy this template, mentally walk through it, and schedule a meeting with your development team to prepare and plan the user interviews.


  1. Introduce yourself to the board using the "Start Here" Frame

  2. Checkout the Theory Board to gain knowledge on User interviews and why they are important (Optional)

  3. Walk through the example to understand the process (Set topics, Collect questions and conduct interview, Evaluation)

  4. Apply process to your own features by using the templates (Modules)

Every template comes with moderation aids and a detailed explanation how to use it.


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