Participant Onboarding Playground


Participant onboarding playground is an interactive board to practice your Miro skills. This playground is perfect for Miro newcomers- packed with fun, quick to complete activities, this board will have anyone feeling confident with Miro.

This playground was designed to pair with the Participant onboarding course in Miro Academy. For the full experience be sure to take the course alongside the board.

When to use Participant Onboarding Playground?

There are a few ways to use this playground.

If you are a facilitator looking to onboard participants:

  • Send this playground prior to joining your meeting or workshop (make sure to send the Participant onboarding course along with it)

  • Add it to your board and introduce Miro skills as a way to warm up before collaborating

If you are new to Miro:

  • Explore this board on your own to practice skills and get ready to interact and collaborate in Miro… don’t forget take the Participant onboarding course.

How does the Participant Onboarding Playground work?

Step 1: Select “Use template” to get started interacting with the board

Step 2: Head over to Miro Academy to take the quick “Participant onboarding” course

Step 3: Dive into Miro and show off your new skills.

This playground covers three main areas.

Area 1: Navigation: learn how to navigate the Miro board

Area 2: Troubleshooting: learn how to reorient to specific content or collaborators on the board

Area 3: Content creation: learn how to add and edit content on a Miro board.


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Madison Tucker
Learning experience designer@Miro
Madison is an LXD at Miro. Keeping users at the forefront of her designs, she is passionate about designing content that is interactive and impactful.
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