Outcome-Driven Job Epics


What is it?

Outcome-Driven Job Epics framework is a framework that helps you write epics that consider the user needs and concerns as well as the business goals and the success metric.

ODJE will help you and your team skip the detailed PRD writing stage of the initiative and jump right into writing what matters.

How to use it?

1. Start With Your Users' Experience:

As <a user persona>,

When <a situation/problem>,

I want to <motivation>,

So that I can <expected outcome>.

2. Plan The Business Outcome:

We believe <this capability>,

Will result in <business outcome>,

We will have confidence when we see <Measurable Signals>.

3. Structure Your Success Trackers:

We will measure and track this <Measurable Signals>,

By instrumenting these <data>,

With this <experimentation technique>.


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