AMMERSE is a mnemonic for 7 principles that are key to a system's character. The principles serve as a value proposition, heuristics, weights, and ontology. Using AMMERSE as a language across the enterprise brings clarity of vision and amazing alignment of strategy across business units and focus.

This template is a simple layout of the 7 principles known as an AMMERSE Set. You can create your own sets to mean anything from "Business Strategy", and "Competing Product Qualities" to "Software Design Patterns".

A Set is meant to be shared with all teams. It is recommended that you brainstorm what kinds of Sets will be most important to the business and then start creating subsets for departments, products, teams, and so on. The Sets should always align your focus.


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Jonathan Crossland
Creator of the AMMERSE framework@AMMERSE
AMMERSE is a meta framework with unrivaled height and depth. It prescribes nothing but mental models and a toolkit for creating, thinking and exploring your systems and your results. There are seven principles in the mnemonic. Agile, Minimal, Maintainable, Environmental, Reachable, Solvable, Extensible. These are forces, heuristics, weights and of course an ontology to group kinds of characteristics.
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