Open Space 1 day - up to 70 people


This template helps you create a virtual Open Space conference with the feel of a physical space. The default setup is good for about 70 participants, and can easily be customized for fewer participants

When to use this open space board?

When you want to host an online conference that is self-organized, where participants intuitively understand what to do and what's next.

How does it work?

After copying the template add a theme to your conference, and a getting to know you activity to kick off the day, then just use the rest of the template as is. Or customize it by changing the room names and adding pictures. This template is based on a board created in collaboration between Mac Maistrelli & Yassal Sundman


Yassal Sundman image
Yassal Sundman
Organizational Coach@YDS
Yassal Sundman is an organizational coach and trainer. She helps companies and teams work better together by asking tough questions, facilitating important discussions, and creating greater self awareness.
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