Online Course Startup Blueprint


Trapped in a ugh/painful 9-5 and have an online course/coaching dream idea?

You DON'T need a biz plan... just this blueprint for ANYONE to get started online. From Scratch!

Simply follow the talktracks to see what you need to do!

More info at

Simple, powerful, easy step-by-step blueprint to:

  1. Find your passions and niche

  2. Create a simple problems list that make your content ideas EASY

  3. Use this to prepare your content ideas for your online content to create interest and leads (traffic)

  4. Outline and brainstorm the 3 basic things you'll need:

    1. Single Page - Your Freebie Lead Magnet

    2. Single Page - Presell your Course or Offer

    3. A basic Email List Plan (sequence of emails) to grow your business.

You can complete the plan in an hour or two!

You can launch online in 2ish weeks and transform your career.

Follow us Dave Hurst - Momentum11 on YouTube for full guides.


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