OKR Building


10 steps to building OKRs

Template developed for building/structuring Tactical and Strategic OKRs.

With an intuitive step-by-step, this tool aims to give visibility to critical details that sometimes do not end up being included in the data collection for prioritizing and defining the opportunities used in the development of what is now one of the most used frameworks by companies.

Step-by-step instructions can be found in the template

Go deep and change the direction of your company


Template created by the Product Operations Arquivei team. Made by: Lucian Prado, Camila Beatriz & Igor Barbosa


Lucian Prado image
Lucian Prado
Product Operations@Arquivei
Passionate about Product, Design and Processes, with more than 10 years of experience, I'm still looking for continuous evolution, I currently find myself in a serious relationship with a framework that I consider fundamental for any company, OKRs. Passion that makes me seek solutions and methods that are didactic and dynamic for teams of any size. Life is too short to make products nobody wants.
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