Niching Down: Online Course Persona Empathy Map

This Online Course Persona Empathy Map will help you niche down and get clear on who you should be targeting when promoting and writing your online course.

What is the Online Course Persona Empathy Map?

This tool should be used as the very first step to creating an online course. Leveraging design thinking concepts, it allows course creators to clearly identify a niche audience and empathize with that audience. This will result in a course that actually meets the audience's needs.

How to Get Started

To get started following the following steps:

  • Schedule a brainstorming session

  • Add sticky notes to each box of the Persona Empathy Map canvas based on interviews, observations and other collected data.

  • Learn more at transformationallearningexperiences.com

How to Make the Most Out of This Template?

Brainstorm with potential customers so your conclusions are founded. Leverage data from interviews, observations, and other real accounts from your potential customers.


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