Navigating Cultural Differences Openly


The Culture Map by Erin Meyer is a valuable resource in a multicultural environment. It provides insight into how cultural differences impact communication, decision-making, and collaboration in the workplace.

This workshop, developed based on the book, can be an effective way to improve team dynamics by fostering understanding and appreciation of cultural differences.

It encourages team members to engage in meaningful dialogue and experiential learning that can lead to improved collaboration and building a positive work culture.

What is it for?

  • Understand your team better.

  • To reflect on the dominant culture where a team works.

  • Open up to meaningful conversations with colleagues.

Who is it for

  • Teams with members from diverse backgrounds.


  • An offsite, team retrospective, or team building activity.

*1 Hour minimum time required.*

Our experience using it

As a team of individuals from diverse parts of the world, we strive to have conversations about cutting-edge themes and gain insights from each other. Understanding our collaboration and discussion styles is crucial for us to communicate effectively. The workshop provided a safe space for us to see each other from different perspectives and share valuable experiences.

Have fun!


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