Narrative Driven Development (NDD)


Narrative-Driven Development is an emerging approach that employs an iterative process designed for collaborative software development, acknowledging the complexities and uncertainties inherent in human creative work. Its workflows and tools facilitate conversations, creativity and problem-solving.


  • Begin by copy / pasting the Narrative Script structure, listing all desired outcomes, focusing on what the user ultimately needs or wants to achieve with your product or service.

  • Identify and define the key moments in the user journey that are critical to achieving these outcomes. Copy paste the Moment stickies for this.

  • Copy the Actor widget and specify the main actors involved, detailing their roles and how they interact with each other and the system.

  • Outline the interfaces using the Interface sticky that will be used, describing how they support the actions necessary for navigating through key moments.

  • Describe each action with the Action sticky that users and other actors will take, connecting these actions directly to the interfaces they will use.

  • Implement an iterative approach to refine the narrative script, using feedback and insights to adjust the details as needed.

For additional information on Narrative Scripting, you can refer to the original source full guide here.


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Sam Hatoum
While CEO of Xolvio, we discovered better ways of working that leveraged event storming, domain driven design, behaviour driven development, systems thinking, and more. We put together a process that worked very well for us, and were often asked by clients how they can do it. Now we are giving this to the world as a new and emerging practice called Narrative Driven Development (NDD), and building a SaaS product around it at
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