Modular Product Requirement Document


Modular PRD helps Product Managers to build like lego as needed and adjust with the company's requirements to develop their product which may differ from one to another

What is a Product Requirement Document (PRD)?

PRD is a document that tells the development team about its purpose, features, functionality, and behavior that must be present in a product release.

What's the purpose of PRD creation?

  • To communicate WHAT you are doing, WHO it is for, and HOW it benefits the end user

  • As a guide for business, design, and technical teams in developing the product.

  • The main goal is to bring all stakeholders together to promote the same understanding.

Why build in Modular PRD?

PRD from each company and product life cycle may differ from one to another. Therefore, the modular concept is applied to this template to help drive collaboration between stakeholders to utilize the necessary components to use in order to have some understanding and alignment between each division especially the product manager with the design and developer teams.

How to use Modular PRD?

There are various formats to create PRD, but in summary, you can refer to the most common formats used by the industry:

Problem Alignment

  • General Information

  • Background & Product Vision

  • Problem Statement

  • High-Level Approach

  • Persona

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Objective & Goals

  • Assumption & Dependencies

  • Success Metrics

  • Value Statement

Solution Alignment

  • Key Features

  • User Flow

  • Product Roadmap

  • Expected Timeline

  • User Stories

  • UX Mockup Wireframe

  • Question/Edge Cases

  • Out of Scopes

  • RICE Prioritization

Market Alignment

  • Launch Criteria

  • Launch Checklist

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Go-To-Market Strategy Timeline

  • Future Feature Works

  • Analytics Event Tracker

Feel free to add more from your preference as complementary components. Hope this template will be useful for aspiring Product Managers to build or practice their PRD creations. Ship it! 🛳️


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