Get-to-Know-Your-Colleague Bingo


Get-to-know-your-colleague bingo is a fun, light-hearted way to learn about your colleagues as you strive for that winning combination.

How to:

  1. Make a copy of this template

  2. Let each person take a turn to pick a category and guess who falls into it.

  3. If they guess correctly, everyone who has the category can mark it off and the guesser can guess again.

  4. If they guess incorrectly, it’s on to the next person to guess a person they think shares a description on their card.

  5. Keep playing until someone gets 5 squares in a line and shouts “bingo!”

This is such a fun way to mix up a normal bingo game, because instead of just listening for numbers to be called you’re also learning facts you may not have known about your colleagues! A great way to facilitate conversation-starters with people you may not have talked to before.


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