It's Time to Travel!

At this time of summer we all want to travel with our vacations.

This is a 10 minute icebreaker.

  • It depends on the audience, the attendees are divided into meeting rooms and each room is renamed with a suitcase.

  • Each room has to pack its summer essentials according to destination in a suitcase in 5 minutes, using only Google images or emojis.

  • Then list the most unique / fun objects and prepare to talk to the other rooms in the main room. Truly there are always unthinkable objects that people travel with.

Enjoy the trip and Happy Holidays!



Azu Villamor image
Azu Villamor
Executive Assistant@Pepsico
Since the pandemic we have started using Miro with the different teams. I have led a project with different Assistants so that we all master the platform and can offer it to our managers and teams. I am a #mirolover.

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