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This icebreaker, Inventor Trivia, is an engaging and educational activity designed to promote awareness of women's significant contributions to technology and society. This activity is perfect for facilitators, managers, and team leads looking to foster team bonding while highlighting the often-overlooked achievements of women inventors. Whether you're celebrating International Women's Month or simply want to inspire your team, this game is a fantastic choice.

How to use this template

Game setup

  1. Preparation: Remove the "How to" section to keep the element of surprise. This ensures participants are unaware that the quiz focuses on lesser-known women inventors.

  2. Instructions: Explain to participants that they need to place a dot on the square with the name of the inventor they believe is associated with the given invention.

  3. Timing: Optionally, set a timer for 30-60 seconds for each question to add a sense of urgency and excitement.

Playing the game

  1. Question and answer: Read out each question and allow participants to place their dots within the allotted time.

  2. Reveal the answers: Drag the question cards up or to the side to reveal the answer underneath. You can choose to reveal the answers after each question, or wait until the end to reveal them all at once.

  3. Direct participants to the additional resources: In the template, you’ll also find a list of even more women in tech who have changed the world with their contributions with links to learn more about each of their achievements.

Inventor Trivia is more than just a game; it's a tribute to the remarkable women who have shaped our world through their innovations. By incorporating this activity into your team-building sessions, you not only create a fun and interactive environment but also educate and inspire your team about the invaluable contributions of women in tech. For more activities like this, contact us at


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