Innovation Mix Kit


This is a template for workshop moderators & participants to kick off a Design Thinking Workshop. "Get to know your challenge" is the title and consists of an instruction for the moderator as well as for the participants + templates to fill out.

What is this template for?

This template helps to frame the innovation process, provides clear guidelines of idea development and builds a straight-forward Design Thinking procedure to be used within the company. These tools allow to gather all the information about the problem, get deeper understanding of all the underlying factors, and look for a creative solution, capable of solving the problem.

Based on this template, a workshop can be organized in order to guide people through the challenge space, look at it under all possible angles and define what it the best way to address and tackle the challenge.

Who is this template for?

Any person within the company, responsible for finding the solution to a problem the company wants to tackle.

When to use this template?

No matter if you are a Design Thinking Workshop Pro or whether you are planning to host your first workshop, this template is a great starting point for every workshop series and sets the stage for further ideation sessions. It aligns all stakeholders and makes sure, that everyone has a deep understanding of the challenge the team wants to tackle.

How to use this template?

Gather all the people, responsible for a project/idea, divide them into teams of 3-5 people. Set up a workshop, guide them through the tasks and moderate the outcomes. Try to also involve some audience (not from the teams, participating in the workshop) for the final presentation. This would provide a better view on ideas, generated during the workshop and potentially add some valuable feedback.


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