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Do you often jump to a solution without trying to fully understand the problem first? Since our brain is wired to find solutions fast, it's not such a surprise; however, it can prevent us from being more creative.

There are plenty of problem-solving 'exercises' but not many games. That's why we created this template where you collaborate with your team on a problem while (hopefully) having fun. Use it to train your problem-solving skills, find problems you usually don't think about in the template, OR use it for your upcoming workshop.

Who is this for?

  • product designers, researchers, product managers

  • anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving skills

Why we love it

πŸ‘€ promotes curiosity

🀝 strengthens empathy and seeing things from different perspectives

πŸ’¬ brings people together to think out loud

How do I play?

  • pick a problem; either one from our template or your own

  • move one step/tile at a time uncovering the topic to brainstorm on (give space for players to think first before talking -> not everyone is an extrovert πŸ˜‰)

  • there will be times when there are too many options, and you'll have to vote as a group

  • in the end, one person pitches the solution that you reached as a group

  • finish up with a bit of retro

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Maggie Jandova
Maggie is a UX designer who loves to motivate and inspire others to think differently. Coming from the graphic design field, her career start was not an easy path, but one full of growth and finding her own voice. She uses that experience to guide other starting designers and continues the never-ending self-development journey through her podcast Friends don’t say.
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