Incorrect! - The Game


This template is an attempt to digitalize a card game called "That's Not a Hat" by Kasper Lapp.

The game is really quick to learn but insane to conquer. It's a memory game where you have to pay attention and focus really hard on what's in front of you and what items are moving where. Or you can just pretend you know with a huge confidence. Like you probably do from time to time anyway... ;-)

Facilitator/game initiator: possible reflections after a game could be the importance of focusing on a few things instead of trying to multitask. Too much workload or context-switching often leads to bad decisions and a longer time to get things done.


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Fredrik Hjorth
Agile Team Coach@IKEA
I work as an Agile Team Coach and I'm constantly trying to insert some visualisation and gamification in almost everything I do...
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