Impact Materiality Assessment


A material analysis allows you to evaluate the environmental, social and governance-related issues with regards to your company's activity, and see how these issues are impacting your stakeholders.

Materiality assessment is a key process for developing sustainable practices, either for a project or your organization as a whole.

PALO IT crafted a step by step approach that allows you to :

  • connect your CSR goals with the United Nations' SDGs

  • check what how these goals rank in terms of stakeholders concerns

  • check how you are performing according to your organization's standards and stakeholder priorities

  • align your understanding on what is worth prioritizing

This workshop helps you map your strategic goals in relationship to one another and determine what you should prioritise for successfully improving your impact on your ecosystem.


Julia Delrieu image
Julia Delrieu
Impact Consultant Business Designer@PALO IT
hi there ! I'm a business designer passionate about positive impact. I work with our clients to develop products and projects compatible with a livable world. PALO IT is an international tech consulting firm full of passionate makers, thinkers, coders. We believe we can harness Tech For Good and strive to encourage our clients and partners to join along.
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