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The ideation space board is a template for an ideation workshop of around 60-180 minutes. Depending on how much you will do asynchronous or synchronous and how much of sharing you will do during the workshop.

When to use it?

The exercises are based on the FORTH Innovation method. You use it, after you finished the phase of Observe and Learn. 
It is the first step (diverging part) of the solution space, right after having defined the point of view and the HMW-Question.

How does it work:

You will lead your team through 4 exercises and generate a lot of ideas and also have a selection of the TOP ideas.

Preparation: Put in your ideation question and the pictures (or Names) of your participants

Exercise 1: Braindump (asynchronous) + sharing the favourite ideas use it before the actual workshop, so your participants can already type in their ideas.

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Exercise 2: SCAMPER (30 min +sharing) Helps to change the perspective on the challenge. Works pretty good when you have an existing product/service you want to innovate

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Exercise 3: What would Apple do.. (20min + sharing)

Get in the shoes of a famous company or celebrity. How would they with their business model or their personal values solve the ideation question

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Exercise 4: Selection of TOP Ideas (asynchronous)

Give participants time to select their two favourite ideas. Here it also makes sense to do it asynchronous.

There are also two games on the board for keeping up the fun.

Game 1 - Quantity Game

During Exercise 1 ==> See who is doing the most ideas. Put the TOP 3 on the podium. If the brain dump session is over a few days. Update daily the podium.

Game 2 - Find Luke Game

==> Somewhere on the Map a small Luke Skywalker figure is hidden. Let the participants find it.

On the board the exercises are described more in detail.

The Exercises are Part of the FORTH Innovation Method, a proven methodology for innovating companies around the globe.

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