Icebreakers - Welcome to Miro


Icebreakers are a great way to open up, team build, and have some fun! Get your team aligned by exploring different icebreaker scenarios on this board. Follow the instructions on the left in each exercise, and try one of each:

  1. Practice sticky notes

  2. Share your thoughts and reactions

  3. Learn how to connect objects

  4. Adding icons and images

  5. Create a billboard!

  6. Aliens have landed!

Be sure to learn, react, and enjoy!

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maad labs is a do tank, not a think tank, that performs digital experiments, provides executive training, builds our own (largely AI/ML/Data) products, and consults with both venture-backed and large, multi-national companies bringing bold, audacious, and complex ideas, experiences, and technologies to market. We help organizations get future-proofed by leveraging impending technological disruptions.
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