Hybrid Culture Canvas


Where once remote working could only be implemented in exceptional cases and with a great need for coordination, it is now the norm. This "new" way of working brings in "new" needs to think about formats for meetings, rituals and leadership. Now, if this mode continues, hybrid working remains a component and does not "go away" again, then new tensions and challenges arise in teams:

  • How can we have a spontaneous chat at the coffee machine when half of the team is sitting at home?

  • How can we have these wonderful team meetings while being in different locations?

  • How can we feel the comfort of a team while being at home all by ourselves?

These questions come up and are the exactly reason why we’ve developed the Hybrid Culture Canvas: to be able to approach these adaptations or translations in a structured and collaborative way. With the Hybrid Culture Canvas you can perform a target-performance comparison in your team or maintain it as a living document.

Go through the canvas step by step and discuss your perspectives. As with every Canvas, using it to communicate is more important than the actual documentation. The guiding question to each topic can be adopted or added with own topics. It’s time to take the time to define our new "normal", it’s time to find a solution that works for everyone.


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