User Research [#HowIDoItInMiro]


Now you can make your whole research process better — and easier — right in Miro.

I am Deniz Kartepe, a UX researcher at Miro and I would like to share my user research project template with you. #HowIDoItinMiro

Here’s a pro tip: Watch my Talktrack that guides you through my research process embedded in this template.


  • A full-fledged and easy-to-use research process framework

  • Formatted for effective collaboration and alignment

  • Practical tips for things in Miro that speed up your synthesis process 


Maybe you're a seasoned researcher, maybe you’re just starting out.

Either way, this template is set up to structure your process and get you to alignment with stakeholders and team.


  1. Click "Use template"

  2. Play the Talktrack walkthrough

  3. Tweak the board to fit your own flow then add teammates and collaborators so you can streamline your research process and turn your insights into valuable actions.


Spread the word! Maybe your colleagues could use a research boost.

Happy researching, and may your Miro boards be more efficient than ever!

Watch a video


Deniz Kartepe image
Deniz Kartepe
Staff UX Researcher@Miro
Hey! I'm Deniz. I work as a UX Researcher at Miro focusing on Sync and Async collaboration. I have been working in the field of UX Research exclusively for almost ten years and had a chance to run all types of projects in various settings. I have used Miro since before Miro was called Miro, and I am a big fan of running projects mainly on the canvas. I'd say UX Research is also a hobby of mine, but other than that I am also interested in basketball, history and technology. Nice meeting you!
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