Heuristic Evaluation


The Heuristic Evaluation template helps evaluate the usability and effectiveness of a digital product or user interface. It is based on a set of established heuristics, or usability guidelines, that help identify problems and design improvement opportunities.

With this template, you can efficiently conduct a group heuristic evaluation, allowing multiple team members to collaborate and provide their perspectives and expertise. In addition, the template includes areas to document the selected heuristics, the issues found during the assessment, and suggestions for improvement.

Team members can see common usability issues including navigational challenges, consistency concerns, or unclear flows by using the Heuristic Evaluation template, which enables the team to take remedial action prior to product release. Additionally, group participation can result in a better comprehension of the user experience and aid in the development of a more user-friendly and efficient interface.


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Marcos Rezende
Senior UX Designer
Hi! I'm Marcos Rezende, a User Experience Designer based in Ottawa, Canada with over 15 years of experience in digital products (the last eight have been in UX). I have a solid background in leading cross-functional teams and designing web-based applications focused on user-driven decisions.
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