Herculean Doughnut

The Herculean doughnut is around agreeing roles, responsibilities and accountabilities within a team or organisation;

It helps you achieve clarity and agreement on who is doing what regarding tasks / activities that are important to the team / squad / department etc.

It would benefit a group of people who are new to working together, where there has been a change in personnel, or where activities have been identified as not effectively delivered through a retrospective, for example.

To use the template in the session set a timer for the group to drag the stickies over to the section of the doughnut, then encourage an open discussion on thoughts and rationale. Agree the roles and the tasks prior to the meeting, and at the start of the session re-confirm the activities, encouraging time to discuss any additional activities that would be added via new stickies.


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Carl Wrigley
Agile Consultant@Burendo
Senior Consultant at Burendo, providing training, coaching and consultancy on how organisations approach Digital Transformation. Burendo will work with your companies values, principles and ethos to understand how best to work together to achieve the possible I am passionate about chatting and working with individuals who want to ensure change is delivered in the most effective way, and always open to learning and discussing new ways of delivering impactful and sustainable change.

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