Harry Potter Retrospective


Reflect on past performance and identify opportunities for continuous improvement with the Harry Potter retrospective template.

Guidance for use:

Stage 1 - Wand Builder Icebreaker

Put together your ideal wand selecting a core and wood then placing them into the placeholder section. Don't forget to add your name and take a copy of your wand image for the next section!

Stage 2 - Mood Scale

Team members then plot their feelings on morale/mood/sentiment on the Mood Scale ranging from Harry (Excellent, positive) to Voldemort (Terrible, Negative). Once all members have plotted their values facilitate a discussion on any similarities or differences as a team.

Stage 3 - Harry Potter Retro Board

Teams will then make their way around the board adding their thoughts and feelings while covering each of the themes listed:

Gryffindor (Bravery, Daring, Nerve, Chivalry)

  • Where did we exhibit Gryffindor values?

  • Where were these missing?

Hufflepuff (Hard Work, Dedication, Patience, Fair Play, Loyalty)

  • Where did we exhibit Hufflepuff values?

  • Where were these missing?

Slytherin (Ambition, Self Preservation, Resourcefulness, Cunning, Leadership)

  • Where did we exhibit Slytherin values?

  • Where were these missing?

Ravenclaw (Intelligence, Curiosity, Wit, Creativity, Knowledge)

  • Where did we exhibit Ravenclaw values?

  • Where were these missing?

Stage 4 - Dobby's Dot Vote

Team members use their sock tokens to vote for the most valuable tickets that we're created and will lead to the most constructive steps moving forward.

Stage 5 - Rate the Retro

Once all areas of the board have been covered invite the team to rate the retro by placing a dot/ shape/ post-it on the appropriate rating from Bronze Knut (Waste of time) to Golden Galleon (Productive and engaging session)


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