Hackathon Starter Kit


Problem - The Wir vs. Virus Hackathon showed me that getting an idea about who is who and deciding on what to do and when to do it is often a big challenge and takes a lot of time in the beginning since different people with various skillsets and a broad range of ideas and opinions collaborate for the first time.

Solution - I have created this Miro Board to help you jump right in and have a quick and focused start into your Hackathon.


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Builder's Basecamp
Founder & Coach
Building your own company is very challenging and a constant learning process. However, we as founders and with us our teams and organisations always go through similar phases. Based on my experience building eight companies and the knowledge gained from the exchange with other founders over 20+ years, I have developed a coaching concept tailored to the needs of early stage start ups. I support you in meeting these challenges and leading your team and company to your first big funding round.
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