Go Fish


The Go Fish icebreaker was created to welcome attendees and warm up the conversation among participants. It’s challenging to have engagement and create this zone where everyone feels comfortable to be able to achieve what your session is for in an online environment.

The template came to life because we needed something simple and fun that we could adjust to the context of the workshops we give.

It’s a simple way of inviting participants to start moving on the board and has the element of surprise to see the questions pop up. It encourages play and gives the ability to add in a bit of humor.

How does it work?

It's simple

Step 1: Start by unlocking and moving the brown patio to see the question cards.

Step 2: Leave as is or add your own questions to the cards. Inspiration can be found on the template.

Step 3: Put the brown patio back on top and lock it in.

Step 4: Remove the inspiration questions before participants arrive.

Step 5: Pick a fish, any fish! Let your participants choose a fishing rod and answer the question.

Step 6: Tell your participants to drag the fish into the fishbowl to keep them from harm.

Step 7: When all participants have left, please put the fish back in the pond.


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