Fun Done Learn Retrospective


This is a tool for retrospective meetings. Everyone share facts and their findings, together with their emotional value. It is designed to bring everyone's favorable feelings out.

How to use this template

Everyone writes down facts and their own findings on sticky notes, one thing on one note.

Place them in an area you prefer. Was it a Fun experience? Was it something you've Done finished? Or did you Learn something from it? If you have voice channel, share your findings and feeling together.

Fun / Done / Learn areas have overlaps and they mean BOTH - Fun AND Learn, Done AND Learn, and so on.

The center has everything - Fun and Done and Learn!


Yasui Tsutomu image
Yasui Tsutomu
Agile Coach@Yattom-ya
A freelance agile coach. One of the creators of Fun Done Learn. Love retrospectives!
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