Framing your Design Challenge


How to properly frame the design challenge for your project?

Framing the design challenge is all about making sure you are starting your design proces based on the right problem. As Marc Stickdorn the author of ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ is saying that ‘it is not about trying to find the solution immediately — it is about finding the problem first!’. With a clear design challenge you express the challenge you are trying to solve in a powerful statement. You define the design challenge at the beginning of your project, so that it will give you the right framework for the complete designproces.

How does it work?

Make sure you have all the stakeholders in the room. Creating a design challenge is a group effort. Also make sure you have someone to facilitate the session. Follow the steps on the boards and let everybody participate by writing down post-its.

Do you need help with framing your design challenge? Feel free to contact me.


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