When to use Football

The Football board is designed to serve those with a connection to football in a number of ways:

  • Managers and coaches explain strategies and tactics;

  • Educators make vocabulary and grammar exercises interactive and effective;

  • Creatives produce hi-res graphics of formations and tactics for their projects;

  • Enthusiasts use the teams and pitches to create their own line-ups.

How does the Football board work?

Football allows for a quick start in any footballing matter on the pitch.

  • Choose from a range of pitch aspects including end-to-end, side-to-side, upfield and downfield;

  • Use custom tools at the side of the pitch in addition to Miro's toolbox;

  • Select from a range of pre-styled teams.

Of course, every aspect of the Football board is editable and open for collaboration if required. Make as many pitches as you like and bring your ideas to life!


James is an English teacher of 16 years who has found himself on a crash course in online teaching since March 2020. His interest in Miro stems from the need to get ideas across effectively and in a way that learners will find familiar.
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