Classroom Boards


Classroom Boards was put together with online language classrooms in mind but may be suitable for any classroom. Simply pick the board that suits your lesson plan and organise lists, images and explanations on the fly.

When to use Classroom Boards

The recent global pandemic put the world of education online – overnight. As an educator, you will appreciate the need for creating an online learning environment that is both familiar for learners and which can effectively facilitate your aims. Use Classroom Boards to complement your lesson plans in a way that is as visually close to what it would be in a traditional classroom.

  • Classroom Boards works in various teaching modes:

  • presenting ideas and rules;

  • note taking and clarification 'on the fly';

  • learner interaction;

How does Classroom Boards work?

Classroom Boards allows you to prepare your class in advance:

  • Choose your preferred layout/s and colour schemes

  • Arrange your classes and presentations

  • Share your screen and deliver your class

You may also use Classroom Boards to assist in general note-taking and explanations on the fly:

  • Select the layout that best suits the activity

  • Share your screen and have Classroom Boards ready


James is an English teacher of 16 years who has found himself on a crash course in online teaching since March 2020. His interest in Miro stems from the need to get ideas across effectively and in a way that learners will find familiar.
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