English Grammar Timeline Builder


English Grammar Timeline Builder

English Grammar Timeline Builder is designed to accompany educators in teaching verb tenses. It may be used live in the classroom, or timelines can be pre-prepared for use in presentations, homework, etc.

When to use English Grammar Timeline Builder

Verb tenses can be challenging for educators and learners alike. Visual representations of how a verb tenses work can provide the perspective that is required to cement these concepts. Use the timeline builder to complement your grammar lessons either in realtime or prepare your timelines in advance.

How does English Grammar Timeline Builder work?

The timeline builder assumes that both the educator and the learner are already familiar with grammar timelines. Obvious labels have been omitted from the timeline to save on clutter (check the sample timelines for details).

  • Use the timeline builder live or prepare your timelines in advance

  • Choose elements for your timeline from the additional toolbox

  • Complement your grammar classes with a grammar timeline


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James is an English teacher of 16 years who has found himself on a crash course in online teaching since March 2020. His interest in Miro stems from the need to get ideas across effectively and in a way that learners will find familiar.
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