Evil 8's


Reclaim your team's creative confidence and reduce the pressure to perform with the Evil 8's exercise.

At Design Sprint Academy, we have developed the Evil 8's exercise in the context of Design Sprints to ignite out-of-the-box thinking before the 4-Step Solution Sketch phase. But this warm-up can be used by Facilitators before any brainstorming or ideation session.

At its core, a reverse thinking method, the 5-min Evil 8's warm-up helps teams destress, have fun, and enjoy each other's creativity.

We called it Evil 8's because eight people -the design sprint team- build on each others ideas and generate an evil, broken, silly solution to the sprint challenge. The team goes from problem-solving into problem-creation. With this exercise, participants get to try out strategies that overcome the fear of being judged or the fear of negative consequences.


Evil 8's - Remove the pressure to perform in a Design Sprint


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