Event Storming


Workshop-based method to quickly find out what is happening in the domain of a software program.

What is Event Storming?

Event Storming is a communicative brainstorming method in which knowledge and understanding of a specific, delimited field of knowledge (a domain of expertise) is jointly developed and visualised in a workshop. The starting point are so-called domain events.

The 4 evolution stages of Event Storming

  • Step 1: Collect Domain Events - discover them

  • Step 2: Refine Domain Events - placing them in sequence

  • Step 3: Track causes - modelling out the broader ecosystem

  • Step 4: Re-sorting & result - categorize the events and build Bounded Contexts


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Judith Birmoser
Scrum Master & Agile Coach@ti&m AG
Servant leadership and coaching of people and teams. Development of agile teams into self-organisation. Implementation coaching of agile scaling, transformation and change processes. Moderation and facilitation experience on different hierarchical levels.
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