Empathy Monster


Empathizing helps people look deeper into situations in a way that enables them think outside of the box and create valuable solutions for problems.

Just because you might be a monster does not mean you are bad! In this exercise you and your team/friends are challenged to be empathetic towards something that might appear bad.

Part One: Define a Character (The WHAT)

  • The first part is to define a villain/monster/evil character that could be in a book. The “what”. What is that thing over there?

  • Create the name: (example: Lava Monster)

  • What does this character do to be bad: (i.e. Lava Man spews lava all over the city destroying homes and cars)

  • Draw/Create: Using Miro’s tools or some of the monster parts available - draw/create the character. Have fun, be silly and make something monstrous!

Part Two: Defend with empathy (The WHY)

Empathy is the ability to understand others, then be able to share another person's expressions, needs and motivations, to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

  • Go to another person's drawing, grab a sticky note and comment on ”Why” you feel the character behaves the way that it does. Show an empathetic viewpoint. (i.e. Lava Man isn’t spewing lava over town because he’s mean, but because his mother made him eat shellfish and he has an upset stomach).

  • Defend the Why with empathy

  • Why is the character disliked by the majority?

  • What is its backstory?

  • How could you help change how the character's actions are perceived?


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Todd Rice
CX Lead@VW
Hello, I’m Todd. I love humans, I studied anthropology before beginning my career in the creative field. How people interact, shop, listen, celebrate, build, communicate, etc. fascinates me and fuels my inspiration on a daily basis.

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