Empathy Mapping for Impact


Empathy mapping is a technique to understand your audience and stakeholders in-depth and in a more intimate way (their environment, behavior, concerns and aspirations).

With this "interactive" empathy mapping template, you will be able to do a complete workshop and :

  1. Define the list of key actors targeted by your programs and activities

  2. Do as many of empathy map you want for each key stakeholder you want to prioritize (individual or organizational)

  3. Clarify the outcomes you want to work towards each stakeholder.


This template is created by Veronique Carbonneau, Garrow&Evoy. We are using this tool to coach each organization in their impact and strategic clarity journey!


Véronique Carbonneau image
Véronique Carbonneau
Coach in impact and strategic clarity@Garrow&Evoy
Based in Montréal, Québec, Canada / Co-Leader of the French group in the Miro community / I am driven by curiosity, creativity and a commitment to the advancement of philanthropy, social economy, and social innovation. I have been working in the non-profit and social development sector since 2011. Garrow&Evoy’s rich toolbox of skills has helped transform the non-profit and philanthropic sector in Canada. Our goal is to transfer this knowledge to people and organizations to effect social change.
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