Empathy Gap Icebreaker


The Empathy Gap Icebreaker is a visual collaboration activity, bringing teams closer together to become engaged, connected, and creative. Outcomes are more powerful when everyone makes room for empathy.

The Empathy Gap Icebreaker helps teams align at the beginning of a project/workshop or do a check-in to defuse tension and improve performance. As a result, you gain access to an empathic space, re-imagine the team dynamics, and find better ways to co-create with each other.

This is a 15 min activity for a team of up to 16 people.


  • Pick your team (blue or red). You may give your team a name.

  • Settle on your land (blue and red) and discover your empathy heroes and other elements

  • Express your present moment at work and how you wish to improve it.

  • Have each team share one thing they value the most about the other side.

  • Don't forget to have fun!


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Owtcome is a strategic design agency that disrupts the norms of co-creation to help daring teams discover new insights and avenues for growth
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