Emoji Me Crazy Presentation Theme

Emojis have dominated our devices and finagled their way into our feeds. They are a language on their own that have helped communication while adding delight and whimsey. If you’ve ever struggled to find the right words, but can perfectly find the right emoji to convey your thoughts - this presentation skin is for you!

Use this theme to lighten the mood, connect to your audience, and add fun to any presentation. Simply add this theme to your board where you can edit text, images, colors, duplicate frames, delete as needed, and of course add emojis to perfect your presentation.


Himali Tadwalkar image
Himali Tadwalkar
Head of Partner Marketing@Miro
Himali is a Miro fan turned Mironeer. She builds programs, products and people and is currently making waves in Partner Marketing at Miro.

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