Ecosystem Design Toolkit v.1.00


Ecosystem design is a methodology for the design of decentralized business ecosystems in which value production takes place by a mutually dependent group of stakeholders, or ecosystem members as opposed to centralized platform companies. Typical examples are peer-to-peer networks and token-based Web3 services.

This Ecosystem design toolkit can be used in the early phases of Web3 concept design to understand the ecosystem, its members and value flows and to pave the way for more detailed Web3 design involving business concept and tokenomics. It's based on previous platform and ecosystem toolkits and has been optimized for typical Web3 startups and client cases. The company behind the toolkit and its validation in numerous client cases is TX - Tomorrow Explored, a pioneering Web3 consultancy.

The toolkit can be used as part of a co-design process in workshops, together with a client organization such as a Web3 startup. To successfully complete the ecosystem modeling process, several workshop sessions and potentially some user research such as interviews with ecosystem members may be needed. It is advisable that the facilitator of ecosystem design sessions gets well acquainted with the process and the canvases beforehand.

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Markku Nousiainen
Senior Designer@TX - Tomorrow Explored
I'm a Service and UX designer with current focus on Web3 and decentralised business ecosystems.
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