E-Сommerce User Actions


E-commerce User Actions

This diagram provides a comprehensive illustration of all potential actions a user can take within an e-commerce platform. Created with Miro, it meticulously maps out the entire customer journey, from browsing products to completing a purchase. The diagram includes key actions such as product searches, adding items to the cart, and making payments, as well as post-purchase actions like tracking orders and leaving reviews.

Intended Audience

This diagram is designed for e-commerce managers, UX/UI designers, digital marketers, and data analysts who are involved in optimizing the user experience and increasing conversion rates on e-commerce platforms.

Benefits of Downloading the Diagram

By downloading this diagram, professionals can gain a clearer understanding of the e-commerce purchase flow. It serves as a valuable tool for visualizing and designing an optimal shopping experience.

Additionally, it helps identify critical points for data collection, enabling the measurement and analysis of user behavior to enhance the overall shopping experience. With this diagram, teams can better pinpoint areas for improvement, leading to more efficient and user-friendly e-commerce platforms.


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