Dynamic Learning Agenda


If you are looking for a tool to record and trace your reflexive learning process, a simple yet dynamic learning agenda is what you need. The agenda presents the critical turning points of your process and connects these to learning questions and follow-up actions.

By making this agenda, you link the long-term goals of your project to learning objectives and to short-term actions. Tracking the changes over time allows you to reflect and readjust.


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VITO Nexus develops – by participating in projects – nexuslearn.vito.be as a service catalogue for and with VITO researchers, our partners and various societal actors. That catalogue includes these Miro templates. At VITO Nexus, we’re convinced that if we want to give our society and planet a future, we will have to make our human actions deeply sustainable. Hence we will have to change profoundly. Let our formats help you doing so.
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