Draw Your Character


This ice breaker is perfect to start a workshop or an event with many attendees. It allows people to engage with the Miro board while introducing themselves through a drawing.


Time: 15/20 mins

  1. The participants are asked to introduce themselves by choosing between the drawing elements on the boards: a face shape, a hairstyle, eyes, a nose, a mouth, a beard and an accessory (optional).

  2. They can either drag or copy and paste the elements in one of the boxes at the bottom of the whiteboard.

  3. In the text boxes, the participants will write their name and how they are feeling about the event.

  4. Once everyone has drawn himself, the facilitator can introduce the attendees by sharing the screen and walking through the different characters.

The participant will have fun by looking at the final drawing and comparing it to the real person.


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Piera Mattioli
Independent Service Designer
Service Designer and Visual Thinker, passionate about creating spaces for meaningful and constructive conversations while using visualisation to engage participants, co-create and experiment.
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